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Hi there,

I'm Angie Wilson and connecting people with their living spaces is my passion.

If you are here you are most likely a busy homeowner looking to remodel or revamp your current living space.  Or, you could be someone flirting with a major move.  Either way, I am happy you are starting your home journey with me:)

With a career spanning almost two decades in the ever-evolving world of interior design, I have mastered the art of creating spaces that tell unique stories. And now, with a seamless transition into real estate, my expertise in design meets the art of finding your perfect home.  

Feel free to reach out today and let's get this house party started!

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After my house burned down my life was literally in shambles and Angie came in and helped me renovate every room in my house. And it is gorgeous.  She truly helped put my life back together and gave me a home again.

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